Clooneys in Como

Well, well, well – so we meet again.  I bet you thought I was too old to be blogging about Europe trips.  You’re probably right, but here we are.  For those of you who aren’t currently stalking me, I’ve been living in Europe (Luxembourg, specifically) for the last 6 months.  I’ve repeatedly toyed with the idea of restarting this bad boy, but have been overwhelmed by just about everything.  Turns out when you are sent to Europe to work for two years, they actually expect you to work.  Unlike studying abroad, which is akin to studying in the same way kindergartners finger painting is akin to abstract expressionism.
However, every so often, a trip comes along that is so utterly life affirming, that you feel compelled to restart a blog you haven’t written for six years.  Our trip to Milan and Lake Como is that trip.  Now, before I dive into the trip, I need to set the stage by describing the attendees.  First we have the most obvious companion – Jess.  If you think that my husband Tom woul…

The Unending Adventures of Hula Hoop and Hawaiian Lion

That’s right fan(s), today is your lucky day.I am creating a blog post, as we speak.You have Jessica Kennedy to thank for this, as she insisted that I blog about our trip to Hawaii.Yes, we just got finished spending a week in Hawaii with my father and stepmother.It was fantabulous and sunny and Hawaiian and all of those lovely things.We know it’s you.Alright, I shall try to begin at the beginning and end at the ending.This will be quite difficult, as Jessica is currently sleeping next to me and we all know I can’t remember anything without her.However, I shall attempt nonetheless.We arrived in Kona on Sunday, June 19, 2011, full of hopes and dreams and confusion.The confusion was mostly on my end because I wasn’t really sure what to expect from Hawaii, but I was pretty sure that the weather would at least be nice.So, naturally, as soon as I step foot on the tarmac, it starts raining.I was quickly caught up to speed on the fact that it rains in Hawaii.Judge my ignorance if you must, I …

It's not jokes

FINALLY. You all get to hear about Ireland! I know you were on the edges of your seats. So. What I failed to mention in my last post was that upon our arrival at our hostel in Dublin, we found that we had apparently been upgraded from a 12 bed mixed dorm to a 4 bed female dorm. Not only that, but the other two beds were empty! Nice. Also, the shower had great water pressure. And our beds were a couple of the most inviting beds you've ever seen. Crisp white linens with a fluffy down comforter. What I'm trying to say here is, we lived like kings. Yes, kings.

After I posted last, we went to a pub called, I believe, Bachelor's? I actually have no idea. I should have asked Jessie while I had the chance. We were starving so I grabbed a Guinness and Jessie grabbed a cydrrr. Then, we were still starving, so we purchased food. Such delicious, heavy, heart-warming food. We were feeling pretty good about ourselves, at our corner booth, listening to live music and bein…


So. Paris. We ended up having to rip ourselves out of bed to make it to the bus station so we could make our flight. The bus station was disgusting, full of flies and everything(one) smelled awful. We were exhausted and slept intermittently throughout the travel experience and finally wound up in Paris in the late morning. Except we weren't allowed to check in until 4. Four. Quattro. Cuatro. Quatre. Do you understand what I'm saying? Terrible check in time. ABC, Le Village, ABC.

So we decided to head out and about and grab some food and get acquainted with the culture. Little did we know, the culture was not particularly interested in getting acquainted with us. We grabbed a table at a bistro and attempted to people watch. Until we got stared down by the waiter for attempting to order in English. So we spent the next hour timidly sipping our beers and carrying on a conversation in Spanish with an 80 year old man named Javier. He invited us to tango.

Thus, in spi…

¿Te gustas?

So kayaking and snorkeling went well. If you call a swarm of jellyfish well. Which I obviously do.

It all started quite unassumingly. I saw something that looked like a white piece of trash bobbing innocently on a rock. I peered into the depths and after a lot of pondering, decided that it was a jellyfish. I told the guide (BJ) and he dove down and confirmed my suspicions. I wasn't surprised and had already named the jellyfish squisherwhistle.

BJ swam us over to another area to get away from squisherwhistle. Which I thought was a bit dramatic, but I suppose that's why I'm not the guide. Thank god he swam us over there, because we were promptly surrounded by a swarm of yellow jellyfish with purple spots. Which also sting. So we cried uncle and swam toward shore. On the way, I saw a small pink jellyfish with loooong clear tentacles looming menacingly... A FOOT in front of my face. Something about that jellyfish struck fear into my heart. I think it was the color.

Also, we kayak…

Sometimes, you gotta take a taxi

So we're in Barcelona now. Yes, I'm aware I didn't blog throughout our entire stay in Ibiza. Ibiza's not a very bloggy place. So I suppose I must reach back into the bowels of my memory and talk about our last moments in Rome.

The next day after the last post, Jessie and I wanted to experience another quintessentially Roman day, so we wandered/ate/caffeinated. That night, we went to the Spanish Steps to meet Robbie and his friend Clyde. We saw a free opera and then went on a third walking tour of Rome. What can we say, we like to walk.

We wound up in Trastevere and stopped at a bar for birre. Also, Jessie and I took Clyde to get chocolate shots. The three of us decided we wanted to head over to La Maison and see what was what. So I took everyone on a little Tevere adventure and we eventually wound up at La Maison. Or some sort of old person convention, masquerading as La Maison. People were, no joke, waltzing in this club. The club looked exactly the same. S…

This is the life

Jessie's in the room asleep right now and it's giving me serious writer's block. I can't blog without her anymore because so many things happen every day and it all runs together in my head. Jessie's the only one who can keep it straight.

Whew, she just showed up and we've managed to write down a list of everything that has happened. I'm tempted to just publish the list. Anywho, here are a few things that happened that I failed to mention in my last post:

First, when we were hanging out with the guys in Trastevere, Jessie and I walked away for a moment to buy new beers. When we were crossing the street, this Italian guy stopped us. "Excuse me. I am a very very straight man and I want you to know I think you are very attractive. So I want to know. Would you sleep with me right now?" My response? "Not right now..." "OHHHH, so MAYBE LATER!!!!! Okay, thank you!!!" And he leaves. Uhhhhh, okaaaaaaaayyyyyyy...

Also, there i…